Topics of the Conference 2021

1.       Physical and mathematical fundamentals of laser systems:

–    Mathematic modeling of radiant technologies;

–    Interaction of highly concentrated energy currents with surface;

–    Functional materials for laser equipment.

2.       Development of lasers and laser systems:

–    Energy transfer dynamics in lasers

–    Heat processes in lasers;

–    Laser media development;

–    Laser system modelling and optimization.

3.       Laser processing of materials:

–    Technological lasers;

–    Laser technological system;

–    Equipment for lasers and mixed technologies;

–    Ablation, modification, annealing, precipitation, treatment and marking by laser bundle.

4.       Laser deposition:

–    Modeling of laser deposition processes;

–    Pulsed laser deposition;

–    Equipment for plume laser deposition;

–    Deposition of thin films and film structures.

5.       Laser technical and technology applications:

–    Diagnostics on the basic of laser transmitters;

–    Laser gauges;

–    Laser lithography;

–    Optoelectronic laser systems.

6.       Lasers in nanotechnologies:

–    Cluster, nanotubes and nanoparticles formation;

–    Nanosized processing and structuring;

–    Nanosized diagnostics.

7.       Biomedical laser applications:

–    Laser applications in medicine;

–    Laser applications in biological systems.


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