Word Template File is avaliable here: download

Reports theses (1 full pages) and the registration form is to be sent to   <>


–    Texts should be in English.

–    Text editor: MS Word.

–    Font: Times New Roman 14 pt.

–    Spacing: single.

–    Paragraph: space 10mm.

–    Format: A4.

–    Margins: left, write, upper, lower – 25 mm.

–    References should be numerated in the order of the appearance in the text, reference numbers in square parentheses.

–    All figures tables and formulas are inserted in the text after their being mentioned aligned centrally.

–    They are placed one line under the text. The tables should be named and figures captioned (font size 12).

–    Ordering of the material (the distance between the paragraphs is one line) the report in English (centrally aligned, capitalized, bold common); authors and co-authors full name (centrally aligned, small letters separated by comas); organizations name and mail address (in two lines, centrally aliened, small letters, italics); the text of the report (new line, common).